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Pro Tools 10??!!

by jesse Peterson on 11/22/11

Nuendo has been my long time life partner and has always done for me what nobody else can.. But I seriously might start cheating with Pro Tools 10. I just played back 108 contantly active simultaneos voices from my RAM cache, with active plugins and bussing, while re-recording 5.1 and LtRt to disk, while also playing back DnXhd video using only PT10+cptk only on a 64bit native windows system. No hardware, no fancy DSP, plenty of run on sentances.

Didn't even flinch



by jesse Peterson on 11/22/11

Gettysburg spot

by jesse Peterson on 05/31/11


Here's a spot I did with Expansion team last week for the History Channel's "Civil War Week". All of the slow motion SFX were tailor made using my new sound design favorite, Alchemy.


History Channel "Gettysburg / Guts and Glory" from Expansion Team on Vimeo.


by jesse Peterson on 05/24/11

Alchemy is one of the sharpest tools in the box. I used it extensively on the Gettysburg promo's for History Channel. Hopefully I'll be able to post that soon. It's hard to not come up with something cool. Here's a vid of alchemy in action 

Yard Attack

by jesse Peterson on 12/18/10

Work has started on DIY Network's new series, "Yard Attack". The stars of the show up at your house and make over your backyard in just a few hours. I'm going to know a ton about landscaping when it's all said and done. Cool show. Long hours and tight turn arounds. All the work is coming from AVID media composer as MXF/AAF and is imported into Nuendo 5 where the edit and mix all takes place. This is the first full season of a tv series I've worked on. I'm happy.


Director David Sauvage's documenatary "Soundcheck" wins Best Soundtrack at the Thanet International Filmmakers Festival in England.

by jesse Peterson on 11/01/10

This was a very cool project where we follow Bill Laswell's band Method of Defiance through their sound check routine. The trick was to slowly tighten the mix over time while the band works out the kinks and tries new ideas to get ready for showtime. Going from rough to polished while making sure it all sounds good in the theater was a challenge.. apparently we pulled it off :)

Before and After

by jesse Peterson on 10/27/10

Here's a cool little flash app someone made for me.

Takes about a year to load.. but you can view a clip from Daniel Brothers' Big Fat Lazy Sun and use the arrow to switch between the final master audio and what it sounded like when it came in the door.

New Reels are up

by jesse Peterson on 10/27/10

Thank you Vimeo for making this all a little easier.. look up, click on WORK

Nuendo 5 for the win

by jesse Peterson on 08/10/10


I'm making the move to Nuendo 5 as my primary edit/mix platfrom. Protools will of course still be available, but Nuendo has really taken the lead with it's flexibilty. They have even inluded features that make it easier to get in and out of protools which had always been an issue before. Above is a video showing just a few of these features and if you've ever cut audio for hours on end... enjoy

More wins for Animal Drill - best sound

by jesse Peterson on 07/26/10

Patrick Murphy's Animal Drill takes home Best lead Actor and I picked up Best Sound at the Los Angeles Film Festival this week. Really looking forward to the next project with this team.